Whats up!

If you don't already follow us on one of our social media pages (please do we'd love to hear from you) you're probably not up to date on a lot of whats been going on. For the most part its been shows. We've had a great time meeting new people, performing with some amazing artist, and getting a great response to the project "Or Forever Hold Your Peace". 

We've actually decided that we are going to drop the price on our Bandcamp site to $5 to show our appreciation for the feedback and to make sure this album gets into as many hands as possible. In the end that's all that really matters. We just want as many people as we can reach to enjoy what we're doing as much as we enjoy doing it. CLick the link below! 


Our next show is at the Northside Yacht Club with J-Live! Its going to be another amazing night, hope to see you out! 

Until next time!