We Love This Shit MAN!!

Whats GOOD everybody!

There is, without question, a degree of love that has to be associated with any en devour that requires you to make sacrifices in order for it to work. Without this said love or passion, so many things would never come to light. From professional athletes, to sculptors, musicians, doctors, those teachers that make an impact and you remember long after you've graduated. A sacrifice of some sort was needed in order for them to achieve their level of excellence.

The phrase "starving artist" did not come into vogue because it has a catchy ring to it, it's true on a much broader scale than many realize. I remember reading an article on the Black Eyed Peas, before they catapulted to super stardom, on how Voodoo was coming home from red carpet events and sleeping on his moms couch. It wasn't because their music wasn't selling, it was because there wasn't enough money being made by the label to pay BEP well also. (trust the label was getting theirs) There are countless stories of artist who are famous and either due to a bad deal, bad decisions, or just plain naivety, things didn't work out for them. Yet they push on, why?

The LOVELove is what makes it possible for the best shooters in the league to put up 500 shots a day. Its what makes the fastest man in the world train like he still hasn't made it. Its what makes an artist like Rhapsody, push and believe in herself despite the lack of successful women in hip hop who did it strictly off skill. She's pretty but she's not relying on her body or sexuality to make it. Trust, The LOVE is what made her keep going even when people around her stop believing it was gong to happen.

Despite the feelings we have for our chosen art forms in the end it is a business and we all want to be able to live off doing what we love. 
Now that the internet has become the new frontier, the business model is constantly changing on how to engage your audience, how to distribute your music, how to stand out in a place that EVERYONE has access to. We feel the pressure to stand out and try to be unique too. The balancing act seems to come into play most when trying to follow the model but stay genuine to yourself. It can be a frustrating and confidence shaking journey.

Lets get back to the main gist of the story, WE LOVE THIS SHIT MAN! Not necessarily all the in betweens, but the end result, THE MUSIC. One of the most amazing feelings is to hear a song you've finished and it sounds the same out here in the world as it did in your head. Odd as it may sound that doesn't happen all the time. Then to get on stage in front of a room full of people you've never met and perform these songs with the hope that they'll like them, and they do, I'm not sure if words can truly convey how that feels. 
It's more than just satisfying. It's the moment when all the sacrifices you've made the studio time, money spent on equipment, travel, promotion, social media post, shaking babies and kissing hands, all of that fades away and its just you, your music, and a room full of people you're sharing this moment with.

Sometimes my favorite part of a day may be a song idea or a line in a verse I've been working on coming together. Seeing one of my musical peers have one of these moments is equally gratifying, cause it seems to justify the grind and the love that we have for it.

Please understand M-O-N-E-Y is definitely a motivating factor, we all want nice things, but in the end its the passion and desire that you have for what ever it is you're doing that keeps your wheels turning and your soul stirred. 
Without the LOVE, the level of dedication required would wane and become another half written book in a world full of unfinished stories. So as stated before, We Love This Shit Man, and we aint going no where!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for validating the love we have for this HIP HOP music! We look forward to sharing one of these moments with you, in person, in the not so distant future. (Saturday, April 14th @Motr pub to be exact)

Until next time,


Whats Good!

Whats Good!


I'm not sure how many of you may have noticed but there has been a marked increase in the amount of quality music that has been put out as of late.

2017's run of releases including Jay-Z, Kendrick, Big Krit, Cyhi, Locksmith, Vince Staples, Joey Badass, Big Sean, J.I.D, Oddisee, Raekwon, Brother Ali, Murs, Wu-Tang, and Roc Marciano are just of few of the highlight projects that came down the pipe last year.

Which leads us to the question, whats good 2018? The bar has been set and so far It looks like things are going to continue in the same direction. With expected releases from Royce & Preemo and their second installment of PRhymeElzhi and Khrysis teaming up for what is expected to be a heater, the announcment of 9th Wonder and Black Thought working on a project together, Black Starr returning to the scene with the music of Madlib backing them, and the rumor of the year....Premier and Pete Rock producing De La's next album (unconfirmed). 2018 is looking to keep the pressure on and we thank you.



We have a second video in the editing stages! "Sons of Silverton" is the second song we have visuals for and can't wait for you to see it! We are also in the early stages of building a foundation for our next project.

Picking a studio to work out of, getting instrumentals sent to us (sampsonldonmusic@yahoo.com), 
setting up a schedule for the different musicians we want to work with etc..... Its an exciting and interesting journey we are about to begin and we cant wait to share the end results with you, STAY TUNED!

Until Next Time, 
Sons of SIlverton

Next Up?

Greetings world. Our next show is going to be a bit different than any of our previous. First off we're performing at Motr Pub in downtown Cincy for the first time. Second we will be performing with a live band, The Josh's to be specific. Third there will only be two acts this evening, ourselves and the gritty soulful sounds of ANALOGPANDA. If you don't know, come find out, you will not be disappointed. The date is Saturday April 14th and yes you should go ahead and mark it on your calendar, NOW. We will be shooting video for this evening so come prepared for a possible cameo! We're still setting other dates for the spring/summer push so hit us up if you want us to come to your city. 


Until the next time,

Sons of SIlverton

Whats up!

If you don't already follow us on one of our social media pages (please do we'd love to hear from you) you're probably not up to date on a lot of whats been going on. For the most part its been shows. We've had a great time meeting new people, performing with some amazing artist, and getting a great response to the project "Or Forever Hold Your Peace". 

We've actually decided that we are going to drop the price on our Bandcamp site to $5 to show our appreciation for the feedback and to make sure this album gets into as many hands as possible. In the end that's all that really matters. We just want as many people as we can reach to enjoy what we're doing as much as we enjoy doing it. CLick the link below! 


Our next show is at the Northside Yacht Club with J-Live! Its going to be another amazing night, hope to see you out! 

Until next time! 




Whats up people! May 5th has come and gone and our new project "Or Forever Hold Your Peace" has been released to the WORLD! 

There are a slew of people we want to thank for helping to make this album possible. Suave for the connect to the man who ended up producing the entire project Prospek. Chris Pennington and Chris Madine and New Fidelity Studios for your contributions both musically and your verbal input along the way. The entire group of artist who inspired us thru their work, creatitvity, and input.

El Born, Homage CVG, Piakhan, Boogie Bang, Deion, Diamond Russell, Jake Hellman, Josh Jessen, Laurie Bishop, Latrell Mcbeth, Ekwality, Mr. Rare Groove, Andrew Doench, Tiffany Mcqueary, Vinnie Goodword, Rami  Abdelmalek, and anyone else we may have fialed to mention. 

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal. Basically whichever digital retail outlet you prefer. It was hella fun (most of the time) working on this project and we look forward to getting on the road and rocking with y'all! If you're in or around the Nati area on May 12th drop by for the release party at the Northside Yacht Club 4231 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45223. Selectas choice on the tables and SOS on the mic! 

Make sure you sign up on the email list to get updates on shows, new releases, and new Merch we'll be adding to the store.