There is a neighborhood tucked away in the eastern hills of Cincinnati called Silverton, where two local hip-hop heavyweights hail. CITOAK and KyleDavid may have emerged from separate rap clans as they rose through the proverbial ranks (Watusi Tribe, Five Deez), but fate within the Queen City is always but a sliver away and eventually brought the two lyrical forces together to form the appropriately named Sons of Silverton.

On their debut effort Or Forever Hold Your Peace, they have teamed up with native New Orleans producer Prospek who, after being displaced by hurricane Katrina, eventually made his way to Cincinnati. Through a mutual friend and fellow New Orleans native musician Suave, they began a journey that led them to create their, to date, crowning jewel.

What started off as a 3-5 song Ep quickly escalated into a full blown project. With contributions from veteran artists like Cincinnati rapper great Piakhan (Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal), jazz pianist Josh Jessen, bassist Jake Hellman (Quiet Hollers), guitarist Chris Pennington (The Cliftones) and singer Deion Jenkins (Game, Hi-Tek)  the creative energy was undeniable. Set for release on May 5th, the Sons of Silverton are anxious to start the next faze of their journey. 

The first step begins with the single “You Know Them As”.